Postman Guide

Using Postman to access Tarabut's APIs

Being able to try out an API as quickly as possible is instrumental when learning about the API's features. One of the tools to help you get up and running quickly is Postman, which allows you to organize and run groups of REST API calls. We have added a Postman collection for both Bahrain and Saudi Arabia users who will be able to access these APIs and make API calls.

Step 1: Install Postman

Before you can use Postman, you need to install it. Visit and download the preferred version for your system.

Step 2: Get the Postman collection

This step is easy. Just click on the Run in Postman button on this page and you’ll be prompted to import the collection inside of Postman.

Run in Postman

Configure Environment and API Keys

Once you import the collections, navigate to the Collections tab on the left sidebar and you can see a folder named Tarabut API Collections that contains all required APIs. The Collection uses Postman environment variables to simplify each API request.

All what you have to do is:

  1. Select the Tarabut API Collection

  2. Click the Variables tab

  3. Copy your API keys from Dev Portal. Update the ClientId and ClientSecret.

  4. Save your changes and start making API requests!

Further information on managing Postman environments can be found here.

Step 3: Try out the APIs!

Now it’s time to try out some API calls in Postman!

Our collection has a few folders in it, each with different API calls to fulfill a different task, along with a Bahrain & KSA reference that contains all of the endpoints. You’ll need to use your API credentials to test the Connect or Pay journey in sandbox.

Tips and Tricks: Code Snippets

The Postman app has the ability to instantly generate code snippets in numerous languages and frameworks, so you can make the same request from your application.

Once you’ve selected an API call, click "Code" on the right, and select your language from the drop-down list.