Available Providers

List of financial institutions TG provides access to across our product offerings.

The providers endpoint will allow you to view the list of institutions TG supports for open banking access.


Use the Providers endpoint to view details of each supported institution. All supported institutions across countries are provided.

The API returns the following key details for each provider :

  "providers": [
      "providerId": "BANKA",
      "name": "BANKA",
      "displayName": "BANKA",
      "arabicDisplayName": "ุงู„ุจู†ูƒ",
      "logoUrl": "http://BANKA.com",
      "countryCode": "SAU",
      "aisStatus": "UNAVAILABLE",
      "pisStatus": "AVAILABLE"
      "providerId": "BANKB",
      "name": "BANKB",
      "displayName": "BANKB",
      "arabicDisplayName": "ุงู„ุจู†ูƒ",
      "logoUrl": "http://BANKB.com",
      "countryCode": "SAU",
      "aisStatus": "AVAILABLE",
      "pisStatus": "UNAVAILABLE"

How to use the providers endpoint in Connect?

  • Use the providerId in the Create Intent API. When passed, the Connect experience skips the bank selection page and redirects your customer to the Permissions page.
  • Other details such as logoURL, and display name will enable you to create the bank selection experience integrated with your overall application flow.