Integration Guidelines

Income Verification Integration Guide


The Income Verification feature allows you to confirm the earnings of your users, ensuring a trustworthy environment for your application. Whether you're in the early testing phase or pushing to production, our tools are available to make the process seamless. Once you have been approved via our developer portal, integration is straightforward and can be done in either the sandbox or production environments.

Verification Methods

There are two primary methods to verify your customer's income:

  1. Connect Integration:

    • Description: With the Connect method, Tarabut will automatically pull transaction details from a customer's chosen bank account.
    • Prerequisite: The end-user must provide their consent for Tarabut to access their bank transactions.
    • Benefits: Automated, real-time data access ensures that income details are accurate and up-to-date.
    • Learn more about Ingestion using Connect
  2. Manual Ingestion via Direct-Input API:

    • Description: If you prefer or need to manually input data, our direct-input API provides a straightforward way to do so.
    • Use Cases: Suitable for scenarios where you already have customer transaction details and simply need to verify them against a standard.
    • Learn more about Manual Ingestion using direct-input API

Choosing the Right Method

Your choice between Connect and Manual Ingestion will largely depend on the specific needs and constraints of your application:

  • If you aim to reduce manual data entry and need real-time data, Connect via the Open Banking infrastructure.
  • If you are dealing with previously gathered data or need to enter transaction information manually, the Manual Ingestion appears to be a better fit for banks seeking categorization of their own transactions.

Next Steps

After selecting your desired method, visit the respective links provided above to delve deeper into the integration details. Remember, our developer support team is always on standby to assist with any integration challenges or questions.