Retrieve regular payment details


Over and above the account and transaction data; a holistic picture of a user's finances can be inferred by accessing all regular payments set up in the consented accounts. The following endpoints providing this data.


Pre- requisite

Open Banking Consent journey should be successfully completed. Refer here

Generate a token using the Generate Access Token endpoint prior to making any data retrieval calls.

BeneficiariesAccess to all payee agreements. Key data includes the list of beneficiaries, beneficiary name, type, credit account details etc
Direct DebitsAccess to all direct debit mandates on the given account. Key data includes direct debit status, name, frequency, previous payment details etc.
Scheduled PaymentsAccess to any scheduled payments on the given account. Key data includes scheduled date, amount, credit account etc.
Standing OrdersAccess to credit account details, frequency, payment schedule details (first, next, last, final) etc.