Getting user consent for the payment

Once the user is redirected to the paymentUrl, the user has to now select the bank on the Tarabut modal and complete the consent and authentication on the selected bank's screen.

On Tarabut Pay Modal: -

When the user is redirected to the Tarabut Pay modal from the merchant's payment page, the user lands on the Tarabut Pay modal. The end user needs to select the bank that the end user has an account with.

The user once selects the bank on the bank selection page will then be redirected to the bank authentication page to authenticate their identity and credentials.

On Bank's authentication Page : -

The user on the bank's authentication page either needs to submit the unique credentials or if the user is on the mobile application, there will be an app-to-app redirection from the merchant app to the bank app. On the bank app the user can adopt one of the two-factor authentication methods to authenticate identity. Either the user can authenticate via biometric or the user could provide the unique credentials requested by the bank.

This is the step where the user is shown on the page the payment amount, bank and that the user is giving his/her consent to go ahead and initiate a payment from the user's bank account on his/her behalf. This consent is created with Tarabut and Tarabut shares this consent_id with the bank to let the bank know that the payment initiation instruction is valid. The consent for a SDP is valid for only that payment and the consent cannot be used thereafter.